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MotherHood Art Exhibitions

▲ The whole story started in year 2019, when I created the first – 1 day – art exhibition, which took place 13th April 2019 at Beseder Gallery (former Galerie Hala C). The exhibition was some kind of “art therapy” and “psychomagical act”, which I dedicated to my son, who came to visit me here for 9 days. The whole story and concept could be found here.

▲ Since then, the concept got much wider and in 2020 I created sequel – 9 days – art exhibition, which took place 13th – 21st December 2020 also at the Beseder Gallery. I was portraying not only women somehow connected with my own story and pregnancy, but especially women, who overcome some trauma connected with baby loss, diagnoses of infertility or any kind of difficulties. 

▲ During the whole month of March 2022 was also taking place connected art exhibition FERTILITY, which was created in cooperation with organization EndoTalks for campaign #EndoMarch2022. It portrayed 9 women with seemingly incurable infertility (due to various diagnoses like endometriosis, PCO etc.), who have naturally conceived and have a healthy baby now. 

The Current Concept

At the moment I am preparing 3rd sequel of the art exhibition, following up on the 2nd exhibition from 2020.
I continue focusing on wide range of inspirational stories: overcoming not only baby loss and diagnoses of infertility, but also childlessness.  
I would also love to find and portray some woman with “special scars” who had VBASSC. (“vaginal birth after special scar caesarean”). 

The purpose of this project is to spread hope, awareness and empowerment to women and mothers.
If you would like to be part of it, please contact me!

As a connected activity, I am also preparing 
personal artworks for mothers and families who have experienced baby loss.

 Flyer with summary of the concept in Czech


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