Videos connected to my „MotherHood Art Exhibition“

Interview with Adriana Kábová about what can help a woman after baby loss – 9.6.2021
Day of (childless) Mothers – reflection on Mothers day – 9.5.2021
Interview with Evita Skladanová about her harmonious pregnancy and childbirth after 40 – Mothers Day – 9.5.2021
Interview with Michaela Slavíčková about her harmonious 1hour long childbirth – 21.2.2021
Interview with Lenka Zarah Chuchutova for EndoFestival – When art helps – 13.3.2021
Pilgrimage to love with my self – ritual during the 2nd MotherHood exhibition – 2.2.2021
Interview with Janita Urbanová about the context of my MotherHood exhibition – 25.11.2020
Video from the 1st MotherHood vernissage – Galerie Hala C – 13.4.2019