About me

◊ I’m Czech artist and anthropologist living in Prague, Czech Republic.
◊ Exhibited my artworks besides Czechia also in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria
(as listed here).

◊ Expressing myself through conceptual art while using combination of techniques and experimenting with different kind of paints, pens and substances on photograph, canvas or any kind of suitable surface.

◊ Portraying almost exclusively feminine characters, who are incorporated with deep symbolism and story.
◊ I am trying to express some message with my artworks, open uncomfortable topics, reflect and analyse some sociocultural phenomena, break taboos and deviate from generally accepted cultural constructs. My interests and topics are covering sexuality, perception of female body and the artificial constructs of beauty, motherhood and the experience of baby loss.

◊ Most of my art exhibitions are also some kind of psychomagical act with wider message and overlap into spiritual~ritualistic experience.

Working also as an anthropologist; finished one fieldwork in Morocco and currently teaching at Charles University and working on my PhD with fieldwork in Peru, where I am also a tour guide for travel agency Alvarez.   
Art gives me much more expressive freedom than lectures or academical publications.
My message is being spread directly and to much wider audience. However my anthropological education very deeply influences my artistic expression.

◊ Since corona, when I can’t be tour guide anymore, I work as creative spirit at Beseder Gallery and organize there exhibitions and events. 

♦ Art Collaboration and Designs ♦

◊ Designs for Japanese clothing company Tcollector, with my own brand Ex-lusi-vE since 2008.
◊ Designs and cooperation with Peruvian surfboard company JCH surfboards in 2009-2012.
◊ Design for Union Snowboard bindings in 2014.
◊ Design for the bottles of Peruvian craft beer Barbarian in 2017.
◊ Book illustrations: “Růže“ by Natalie Kocab in 2003 and history novel „Bratříček“ by Frantisek Kalenda.
◊ Movie poster for Czech crime comedy „Not now, Peaches“ by Lukas Bulava, released in 2015.

♦ Portraits and Collections ♦

My artworks are in private collections all around the world with people like American skateboarder Tony Hawk, American Jackass creator and editor-in-chief of Big Brother skateboarding magazine Dave Carnie, American singer John Connor (Dog Eat Dog), American former skateboarder and musician Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly), American pro-surfer Sean Poynter,  Argentinian singer and songwriter Boom Boom Kid, Brazilian punk singer DMNT (Juventude Maldita), Spanish photographer Jorge Algaba, British anthrpologist Karen O’Reilly, Peruvian singer Ysabel Omega, Czech musician Moimir Papalescu, Czech musician, singer and songwriter Filip Vondrášek (Fast Food Orchestra), Czech legendary musician Ivo Pospíšil (Garáž) and many more…

My models include amazing women like singer Mariana Wesley (ex Prague Ska Conspiracy, Blastersex),  girls of punk band Sour Bitch and ska band Larika, singer and writer  Natalie Kocab, Mexican singer and medicine woman Margarida „La Malinche“ Arrocha, Israeli pianist Marina Kantor and many more…

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